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UFST güncellemeleri

30 Kas 2010
Here is UFST V1.0.5.3 Pre-Release for all users.Other models support will be added one by one.Please post screen shot of phone repaired with Android UFST in this thread.Your opinion & feedback is important to us.
Link for Software-
Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

or from Support site:
Android UFST User Manual-
Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

How To Install-
Unzip Android UFST V1.0.5.3 inside
C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs
C:\Program Files (x86)\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs

Android UFST Update History-
for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.

[List Models] Button in [Files] Tab to have Models List for selected Brand.
More Alcatel Models Added:
4017A, 4017F (Pixi 4-3.5) 4018A, 4018D, 4018X (Pop D1) 4024D, 4024X (Pixi First)
4034D, 4034X (Pixi 4-4) 4031D (Flash Mini) 4036D, 4036E, 4036X (Pop C5)
5019D (Pixi 3-4.5 4G) 5022D, 5022X (Pop Star)
5025D, 5025E, 5025G, 5025N, 5025X (Pop 3-5.5 3G)
5045D, 5045I, 5045J, 5045T, 5045X (Pixi 4-5 4G)
8050D, 8050E, 8050G, 8050X (Pixi 4-6 3G) 9003X (Pixi 4-7)
I215X, I216X (Pixi 7) J320, P323X
Fixed Flashing of Hughe Files Bigger than Device Download Buffer.
For Both types of Files Sparsed and Raw.
More Huawei Models Added:
G6-C00, G6-L11, G6-T00, G6-U00, G6-U10, G620S-L01, G620S-UL00, G630-U10,
G630-U20, G630-U251, G730-U251, LUA-L21, SCL-L01, SCL-CL00, SCL-TL00,
SCL-TL10, T1-A21L, Y320-U10, Y320-U151, Y336-U02, Y511-U251, Y520-U03,
Y520-U33, Y541-U02, Y560-U02, Y625-U21, Y625-U32, Y635-L02, Y635-L21
More Lenovo Models Added:
A1000m, A1010a20, A1010a20-DS, A2010, A2010l36, A3690, A3890, A858, A858t,
K33a42, K33a48, K33b36, K53a48, P1c58, P1ma40, P2a42, P2c72, PB1-750N,
PB1-770M, PB1-770N, TB3-710L, TB3-7703X, X2-AP, X2-CU, X2-EU, X2-TO,
K Series MT6735, MT6737 and MT6753 based Models:
Direct Unlock, Digits, BT, WiFi and PID Rebuild (Not need Root)
Non Root Method of Unlock/Digits for Last QualComm based devices.
More LG Models Added:
AS811, F650K, F650L, F650S, F720K, F720L, F720S, F800K, F800L, F800S, H910,
H915, H918, H990, H990DS, H990N, H990TR, K100, K100DS, K100E, K130EE, K210,
K220DSF, K220F, K220H, K240AR, K240F, K240H, K500I, K500Y, K500Z, K530TR,
K535D, K535T, K550, K580DSF, K580I, K600, MS550, US610, V522
More Micromax Models Added:
A092, A121, D306, Q300, Q301, Q303, Q323, Q324, Q325, Q326, Q327, Q331,
Q333, Q335, Q336, Q339, Q341, Q346, Q349, Q351, Q352+, Q370, Q379, Q380N,
Q381, Q381+, Q382, Q383, Q385, Q386, Q397, Q404, Q413+, Q426, Q427, Q427+,
Q428, Q462, Q463, Q465, Q491, Q3001, Q4001, Q4101, Q4201, Q4261, S301, S303
More Motorola Models Added:
XT1601, XT1602, XT1604, XT1607, XT1609 (Moto G4 Play Harpia)
XT1635-01, XT1635-02, XT1635-03 (Moto Z Play Addison)
XT1650-02, XT1650-03, XT1650-05 (Moto Z Griffin)
XT1706 (Moto E3 / Moto E3 Power Taido)
Digits, SN Rebuild Enabled. Use [Gen.Settings] Button on Rooted Device.
Added [Read EFS], [Clear NVM], [Write EFS] Operations in SAHARA flash
mode (not Need Root) Software will ask About Mode in Selection Menu,
Contens will be saved as .tar file.
For Non Listed Models Select [AUTO-SAHARA] or [AUTO-MPRG] in [QC] Tab.
Select FIREHOSE or MPRG boot file from Flash Pack Using [DA] Button.
MPRG mode is Applicable to Write msimage.mbn to Boot Repair.
[QUALCOMM-TEST] in [Var] Tab Works in SAHARA Mode.
To Rebuild Digits or Unlock Modem EFS2 Secured Devices, Use standard
[Read ENVM], [Clear NVM], [Write ENVM] Procedure (it will ask About Digits)
Backup Security Areas Before, using [Read Flash] (modemst1, modemst2, fsg)
For Digits, BT, WiFi, SN Repair Use [Gen.Settings] Button (Diags Interface)
For Last Shannon based Models Direct Unlock/FRP Use 'COMBINATION' Files.
More Samsung Models Added:
A320F, A320FL, A320Y, A520F, A720F, A810F, A810S, A810YZ, C9000, G1600,
G550T, G550T1, G550T2, G5510, G5520, G5700, G570F, G570M, G570Y, G6100,
G610F, G610K, G610L, G610M, G610S, G610Y, G930VC, G935VC, J106B, J106F,
J106H, J106M, J120AZ, J320AZ, J320V, J320VPP, J320W8, J321AZ, P580, P583,
P585, P585M, P585N0, P585Y, P587, P588C, T377T, T585C, T585N0, T818T, W2017
[Reset FRP],[Write Flash],[Read Flash] is Enabled. (Need to have .pac File)
For Dead Devices Flashing, use [Re-Partition] Option.
Digits, SN, BT, WiFi Rebuild Enabled. Use [Gen.Settings] Button. (Cal Mode)

AG Models Added:
Boost, Chacer, Chrome Go, Chrome Plus, Chrome Swift, Chrome Ultra, Ghost,
Glow, Go Tab Access, Hashtag, Rage, Shine, Style, Style 2, Swift Plus,
Ultra 2, Zenith, Zoom
BLU Models Added:
A010L, A010U, D0030UU, D410A, D410Ai, D522U, D530E, D532L, D532U, D534L,
D534U, D535U, D536L, D536U, D572A, D650Ai, D651, D670L, D830L, D890L,
D890U, E050L, E050U, E150Q, G030L, G030U, L0030EE, L180, L190, N0010UU,
N070, N110U, N130U, N150, P0010UU, R0010UU, R0030UU, S0090UU, S010Q,
S0110EE, S0110UU, S0130UU, S0150UU, S0151UU, S0170UU, S0210UU, S0230UU,
S270Q, S390U, S500Q, S510, V0030UU, V0050UU, V0090EE
COOLPAD Models Added:
7231, 7270, 7270I, 8122, 8298-I100, 8676-I02, 8676-I03, Y60-W, Y83-I00
ELEPHONE Models Added:
G1, G2, G4, G5, G6, G7, G9, M1, P10, P10C, P2000, P3000, P3000S, P4000,
P5000, P6000, P6i, P6S, P7 Mini, P7000, P8, P9, P9 Water, P9C, S1, S2, S2+,
Vowney, Vowney Lite
EUROSTAR Models Added:
Onyx 1+, Onyx 2 LTE, Onyx 3
FLY Models Added:
FS402, FS404, FS405, FS454, FS455, FS504, FS506, FS5508, FS509, FS510, FS511,
FS512, FS514, FS553, FS603, IQ4401, IQ4402, IQ4403, IQ4404, IQ4405, IQ4406,
IQ4407, IQ4409, IQ4410, IQ4410i, IQ4412, IQ4413, IQ4414, IQ4415, IQ4416,
IQ4417, IQ4418, IQ4501, IQ4502, IQ4504, IQ4514, IQ4515, IQ4520 Plus,
IQ4520 Pro, IQ4520 Quad, IQ454, IQ456, IQ458, IQ459, IQ4601, IQ4602, I5058,
IQ558, IQ5917
FMT Models Added:
Netsurfer: NM7054-01, NM7058-02, NM7058-03, NM7116-01, NT7A42-01
GIONEE Models Added:
M4, P2M, P4S, P7 Max, S7
HISENSE Models Added:
L675, U602, Starshine 4, Iinfinity U898, U961
iBALL Models Added:
5.5H Weber 4G, 5G Blink 4G, 5L Rider, 5M Xotic 2GB, 5Q Gold 4G, Sprinter 4G,
Cobalt 5.5F Youva, Cobalt Solus 4G, Slide Cuboid, F2F 5.5U, F2F 5H, Q4,
Slide Q27 4G, Wink 4G
INFINIX Models Added:
X507, X509, X510, X521, X552, X554, X556, X557, X600, X601
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 4G Strong, Aqua Ace, Aqua Ace2, Aqua Ace Mini, Aqua Craze, Aqua Freedom,
Aqua Music, Aqua Power M, Aqua Raze, Aqua Retscan, Aqua S9, Aqua S9 Pro,
Aqua Secure, Aqua Star 4G, Aqua Twist, Aqua Wing, Cloud Crystal 2.5D,
Cloud Flash, Cloud Gem+, Cloud i9, Cloud Jewel, Cloud S9, Cloud Swift
KARBONN Models Added:
A101, A119, A12 Plus, A12 Star, A14 Plus, A16, A18 Plus, A19, A19 Plus, A20,
A240, A34 Lite, A52 Plus, A5s, A6, A90s, A93, A99, Alfa A120, Alfa A99,
Aura Power, Fashion Eye, K7206, K9 Smart 512M, K9 Smart 1GB, K9 Viraat 1GB,
K9 Viraat 2GB, MachFive, MachOne+, MachOne S310, MachSix VR, Octane, Octane+,
Quattro L45, Quattro L50, Quattro L51, Quattro L52, Quattro L55, S10, S19,
S2 Plus, S20, S5 Plus, S99, Sparkle V
KATA Models Added:
B1, C1, C2, F1, F1S, F2, i3, i3L, i3S, M2, M2L, V3a, V4
LANIX Models Added:
L1100, L1200, L200, LT510, S106, S220, S420, S520, S620, X110, X200, X400,
X500B, X510
LAVA Models Added:
A52, Grand 2C, Iris 504Q+, Iris 510, Iris 512, Iris 702, Iris 758, Iris 800,
Iris 810, Iris 830, Iris 870, Iris Fuel 10, Iris Fuel 25, Iris Fuel 50,
Iris Fuel 60, Iris Fuel F1, Iris Icon, Iris X1 Grand, Iris X1 Selfie,
Iris X1+, Iris X5, Iris X5 4G, Iris X5 M10, Iris X8, Iris X8 L, Iris X8 Pro,
Iris X8 Q, Iris X9, Ivory S, Ivory V5.0, Ivory+, P7, P7+, Pixel V1, Pixel V2,
Pro 5.0 Star, V2+, V2s, V5, X10, X12, X3, X38, X65, X81
LETV Models Added:
X500, X501, X507, X509, X600
LYF Models Added:
LS-4004 Flame2, LS-5013 Wind5, LS-5017 Water11, LS-5512, LS-6001 Wind2
M4 Tel Models Added:
SS1050, SS1060, SS1070, SS4020, SS4040, SS4041, SS4045, SS4350, SS4450,
SS4451, SS4455
MOBICEL Models Added:
Candy, Echo 10", Frio, Ice, Matrix, Onyx, P6120 Omega X 8", P6122 Hero X,
P9120 Cherry, P9120 Solo, P9122 Hero X, Plum, Pure, Retro, Shift, Samba,
Shift, Sonic, Trendy, Venus, Vivo, Vivo DS, ZAW1008 Ace
NOUS Models Added:
NS5001, NS5004, NS5006
OPLUS Models Added:
O+ 8.92
OPPO Models Added:
1201, 6607, A33w, R1201, R7, R7s, R7st, R7t, R7 Plus, R7 Plust, R820, R821T,
R827T, R833T
PANASONIC Models Added:
Eluga A2, Eluga Arc 2, Eluga I, Eluga I2, Eluga I3, Eluga Icon, Eluga Note,
Eluga Prim, Eluga Turbo, P31, P41, P41 HD, P55 Novo 4G, P61, P65, P71, P75,
P77, P80, P88, T40, T41, T44, T44 Lite, T45, T50
PRESTIGIO Models Added:
PSP3404, PSP3450, PSP3453, PSP3455, PSP3502, PSP3504, PSP3530, PSP3531,
PSP3532, PSP5453, PSP5455, PSP5470, PSP5503, PSP5504, PSP5505, PSP5530,
PSP5550, PSP5551, PSP7501, PSP7530
QMOBILE Models Added:
A3 2016, A6 2016, i3, i6 Metal HD, J5, LT500, LT680, LT700 Pro, LT750, M99,
M9T, S1 Pro, S16, S19, S2 Plus, S4, S6, W20, W70, W80, X11, X14, X32, X34,
X40, X500, X60, X700 Pro, X75, X80, X900, X95
SENDTEL Models Added:
Bang, C340, C455, Joy, Roar, Rocket, Savvy
SOLONE Models Added:
A47, A50, A50 Mini, A500, K40, KA4, KA4 Plus, SA4C, SA5, SM35
SUNNY Models Added:
SS4G1 Luna
SWIPE Models Added:
Elite, Elite 2, Elite Note, Konnect Pro
TEXET Models Added:
VIDEOCON Models Added:
V5010, V5014, V50DC, Z55 Krypton
VIVO Models Added:
X5 Max S, X5 Max Plus, X5S L, Y11, Y11iW, Y13, Y13T, Y15, Y15bW, Y15cW,
Y15T, Y17T, Y17W, Y20T, Y21, Y22, Y22iL, Y28, Y31, Y31i, Y33, Y35, Y613,
WIKO Models Added:
Birdy, Cink Slim, Fever 4G, Fever SE, Highway Star, Jimmy, Lenny2, Lenny3,
Rainbow, Rainbow Jam, Rainbow Up, Rainbow Up 4G, Robby, Selfy 4G, Sunny,
Sunset2, U Feel, U Feel Lite
XIAOMI Models Added:
Redmi Note 1td, Redmi Note 1w, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Pro
XOLO Models Added:
Era 4.5, Era Note, One HD
ZOPO Models Added:
Color C2, Color C3, Color F1, Color F2, Color F5, Hero 2, ZP1000S, ZP320,
ZP330, ZP331, ZP350, ZP351, ZP353, ZP370, ZP520, ZP530, ZP530+, ZP550,
ZP580, ZP590, ZP600+, ZP700, ZP720, ZP720+, ZP780, ZP781, ZP920, ZP920+,
ZP951, ZP952, ZP955
ZTE Models Added:
Blade A110, Blade A210, Blade A410, Blade A430, Blade A450, Blade A465,
Blade A475, Blade A476, Blade A510, Blade A515, Blade A610, Blade A910,
Blade Buzz, Blade G Plus, Blade G Lux, Blade L2, Blade L2 Plus, Blade L3,
Blade L5, Blade L5 Plus, Blade L6, Blade Q Lux 3G, Blade Q Lux 4D DS,
Blade Q Lux 4G SS, Blade V Plus, Blade V7, Blade X3, Blade X5

BLU Models Added:
D0010UU, L0000UU, L0050UU, L0051UU, L0091UU, S0010UU, S0030UU, S0040UU,
S0050UU, V0010UU, W000Q, W010Q, X010Q, X011Q, X020Q, X030Q, X100Q, Y530Q,
Y650Q, Z010Q
COOLPAD Models Added:
5200S, 5311, 5313S, 7105, 8297L-I00
ELEPHONE Models Added:
Trunk 4G
HISENSE Models Added:
C1-M, Infinity K0, C20-S, E71M, E71-T, E75-M, Infinity Elegance 1, E81,
F20-T, Infinity Faith 1, Infinity Prime 1+, Infinity K8, L635, L670, L676,
Staraddict 5, L830
INFINIX Models Added:
LANIX Models Added:
L400, L900, L950, L1000, LT500
LETV Models Added:
LYF Models Added:
LS-4503 Flame1, LS-4505 Flame8, LS-4511, LS-5002 Water1, LS-5008 Water2,
LS-5009 Wind6, LS-5010 Wind1, LS-5014 Wind4, LS-5015 Water8, LS-5016 Wind7,
LS-5018 Wind 4S, LS-5021 Earth2, LS-5027, LS-5201 Water F1S, LS-5501 Earth1,
LS-5503 Water3, LS-5504 Water7
M4 Tel Models Added:
ONEPLUS Models Added:
OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X
OPPO Models Added:
1100, 1105, 1107, 1206, 3001, 3006, 3007, 3008, A30, A31c, A31t, A33f, A37f,
A51, A51kc, A51w, A53, A53m, N5110, N5111, N5116, N5117, N5206, N5207, N5209,
R2010, R2017, R6007, R7 Plusf, R7 Plusm, R7c, R7s Plus, R7sm, R7005, R7007,
R8001, R8006, R8007, R8106, R8107, R8109, R820, R8200, R8201, R8205, R8206,
R8207, R830S, R831, R831L, R831S, R9 PlusmA, R9 PlustmA, X9006, X9007, X9070,
X9076, X9077, X9079
PRESTIGIO Models Added:
PSP3405, PSP5454
QMOBILE Models Added:
SWIPE Models Added:
Elite Plus
VIVO Models Added:
V1, V3, V3 Max, X5, X5 Max, X5 Pro, X6A, X7, X7 Plus, Y13L, Y21L, Y23L, Y27,
Y28L, Y31L, Y51, Y927, Y928
WIKO Models Added:
Highway Pure, Pulp 4G, Pulp Fab 4G, Rainbow Jam 4G, Rainbow Lite 4G, Ridge 4G,
Ridge Fab 4G, Tommy
XIAOMI Models Added:
Mi3, Mi 3w, Mi 4, Mi 4c, Mi 4i, Mi 4s, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max 64G, Mi Max 128G,
Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Redmi 3 Prime, Redmi 3s Prime, Redmi 3x Prime, Redmi 4,
Redmi 4 Prime, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 3 SE, Redmi Note Prime
XOLO Models Added:
LT2000, Q1000 Opus 2, Q1100, Q900s, Q900s Plus
YU Models Added:
ZTE Models Added:
Nubia My Prague, Nubia Z9, Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia Z9 Mini, Nubia Z11 Mini

BLU Models Added:
D730U, S0190UU, S170L
CHERRY Mobile Models Added:
Flare S3 Lite
COOLPAD Models Added:
7060S, 7061
FLY Models Added:
FS401, FS406, FS407, FS451, FS452, FS501, FS502, FS551, IQ4490I, IQ4588
HISENSE Models Added:
M10-M, M20-M, M30-M, U601, Infinity U972
iBALL Models Added:
3.5V Genius 2, 4 B20, 4.5 O'Buddy, 4F Arc 3, 5N Dude, 5U Platino, Avonte 5,
HD6, i9
INFINIX Models Added:
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 3G N, Aqua 3G Neo, Aqua 3G NS, Aqua Classic 2, Aqua Eco 4G,
Aqua i1Aqua i1, Aqua Joy, Aqua Life 2, Aqua Life 3, Aqua Lions, Aqua Power 2,
Aqua Q3, Aqua Q7, Aqua Q7 Pro, Aqua Q8, Aqua Sense, Aqua Slice 2, Aqua Star 2,
Aqua Viturbo, Aqua Young, Cloud 55, Cloud Cube, Cloud Force, Cloud M6,
Cloud Swing, Cloud Zest
KARBONN Models Added:
A202, A9s, Alfa A114 Quad, Alfa A91 Champ, Alfa A91 Power, Alfa A91 Storm,
Aura, Aura 10, Titanium S15 Ultra, Titanium Moghul
LANIX Models Added:
X100, X210, X260
LAVA Models Added:
A32, A48, A51, A59, A67, A67+, A68, A71, A72, A76, A76+, A79, A82, A88, A89,
A97, Flair E2, Flair P1, Flair P1+, Flair Z1, Fuel F1 Mini, Iris 350,
Iris 370, Iris 400Q, Iris 414, Iris Atom 2, Iris Atom 3, Iris Fuel 2,
Iris X1 Atom, Iris X1 Beats, Iris X1 Mini, X11, X17, X19, X28, X28+, X41+,
X46, X50, X50+
LYF Models Added:
LS-4001 Flame3, LS-4002 Flame5, LS-4003 Flame4, LS-4005 Flame6,
LS-4006 Flame7, LS-4008 Flame7s
PANASONIC Models Added:
P66, T33, T35
PRESTIGIO Models Added:
PSP3403, PSP3413, PSP3457, PSP3458, PSP3459, PSP3503, PSP3505, PSP3506,
PSP3507, PSP3508, PSP3509, PSP3516, PSP3519, PSP3537, PSP5502, PSP5506
QMOBILE Models Added:
i1, i2, i4, i7i, JS2, Luna Mini, M82i, M88, M95, M96, T400, W10, W15, W35,
W8, X2i, X6i, X8 Plus
SWIPE Models Added:
Konnect 5.1
TEXET Models Added:
TM-7052, TM-7053
VIDEOCON Models Added:
V5020, Z45 Dazzle
VODAFONE Models Added:
XOLO Models Added:
Era, Era 1X, Era 2, Era 4G, Era HD, Era X
ZTE Models Added:
Blade A5, Blade A5 Pro, Blade AF3, Blade AF5, Blade L110


Sevilen Üye
19 Eki 2016
Hoş olan kismi işlemciye görede her cihaza müdahale edebilme kabiliyeti
25 Haz 2012
emeğine sağlık ustam bu programı eski ufs box'lar da kullanabilirmiyiz...
25 Haz 2012
yok usta son çıkan 2 box harici çalıştırmıyor ufst ve ufs turbo olması lazım hwk ve ufs de çalışmıyor. alttaki reklamlarda ki 2 box

Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

Teşekkür ederim ustam,,bu box'lardan bulabileceğimiz emin,güvenilebilecek bir box satıcısı yada sizin tavsiye edebileceğiniz biri varmı...Almayı düşünüyorum...
30 Kas 2010
ANDROId UFS 1057 for ufst and ufs turbo setup (video)

new update

new update panel

media fire link

Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.


Yeni Üye
6 Eki 2016
hwk ufs micro sarasoft boxlar neden günbcellemelere girmiyor biz bu kutu lara para verip aldık eger hesabın içinde görünmüyoruz.
30 Kas 2010
zamanla her box dongle program üreticisi farklı güncelleme ve para kazanma yoluna gider yeni şeyler yeni para demek onlarda bu masraflarını böyle çıkartıyor artı eski boxların hızı düşük kalıyor artık donanımı düşük.
30 Kas 2010
Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

Bu linki görmek için izniniz yok Giriş yap veya üye ol.

v Release
More than 5200 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands is now on [Var] Tab.
Before Use of [MTK], [QC], [SPRD] Tabs, Always Check [Var] Tab for predefined
Models. In this way will be used Correct Loaders and settings for Secure Boot.
Note: Use of wrong Loaders can cause BLINK, BRICK or IMEI loose Issues!

Revised [ADB] Operations: More Info, Fixed Minor Bugs.
Revised MTK Protocol: Fixed Bugs on some Models Boot, More Secured DA Added.
[Preloader Boot] Option to bypass BROM Boot stage (Need for some Secured Models)
Revised QC Flashing: Now can select all necessary RawprogramN.xml using
[Add File] button, so not need to Flash few times new MultiDisk Models.
With [Add File] button can also select Firehose from Flash Pack (if need)
This Option will not pop-up Selection Form or Ask about Patch permission if
[Selective Flash] not ticked. Patch will done auto if PatchX.xml is found.
Files Selected with [Xml] button always will pop-up File Selection Form.
Added Oppo .OFP Files [Extract Img.] for QC Models, Use [Conver GPT] to make
Correct Rawprogram and Patch Files. With gpt_main2 choose Right CDT file from
Avalaible (Example: oppo16027.bin, Auto will be Select First from List)
Added LZ4 Compressed Files support (Samsung) (need lz4_183.dll)
Added ZSTD Compressed Files support (LG) (need libzstd_137.dll)
Added Search Function (Use Right Mouse Button or Ctrl+F on Focused Tab)
Search is not Case Sensitive and Looking for 1st Occurence in Models List.
[Find Next] Looking for Next Occurence until last and then from 1st.
For Search use up to 3 Words separated by Space or other delimiter (, * -)

Added / Modified Models (Is Delta against Previous Releaes):
10.or: D, E, G
ADVAN: B5, G2 Plus, i45
ALLVIEW: Models Added.
ARCHOS: 101C Helium, 40 Power, 50 Diamond, 50 Platinum 4G, 50C Oxygen,
50D Neon, 50F Helium Lite, 55 Diamond Plus, 55B Cobalt Lite, 59 Xenon,
70 Helium, 70 Xenon, 70B Neon, 80 Oxygen, 97C Platinum, Access 55 3G,
Diamond S
ASUS: A009-V500KL (V Live), P028-Z301M (ZenPad 10 WiFi), X00RD-ZA550KL-GO,
X00RD-ZA551KL, X00T-ZB601KL/2KL (ZenFone Max Pro), Z01QD-ZS600KL (ROG Phone)
AVVIO: Models Added.
AZUMI: Models Added.
BLACKVIEW: A20 Pro, A30, BV5800, BV5800 Pro, BV6800 Pro, BV9500, BV9500 Pro,
BV9600 Pro
BLU: A030U, A230Q, A270a, D600, S0350WW, S0390WW, S0410UU, S0450WW, S4033
BQ: BQru-5009L, BQru-5522, Aquaris A4.5, Aquaris C, Aquaris M, Aquaris VS,
Aquaris VS Plus, *****
CAT: S50, S60
CHERRY: Flare A2 Lite, Flare J1 Lite, Flare J5S, Flare P3, Flare P3 Lite,
Flare P3+, Flare S5 Max, Flare S7, Flare S7 Deluxe, Flare S7 Lite, Omega Lite4
CLOUDFONE: Thrill Boost 2, Thrill Plus, Thrill Power N, Thrill View
COMIO: C1 Pro, FX596, FX598, X1, X1 Note
CONDOR: Models Added.
COOLPAD: 1851, 1861 Note 8, C588S, N3C
DEXP: AS160, AS260, B155, B160, B350, B450, BL250, BS450, P170, P180, T155, Z250
DOOGEE: BL5500 Lite, BL9000, S55, S55 Lite, S70, S70 Lite, S80, T5S, X50, X50L, X55
ECHO: Feeling, Flow, Holi, Horizon, Java, Moss, Prism, Push, Smart4G, Star,
Stellar4G, Wiz
ELEPHONE: A4 Pro, P8 3D, X15 Soldier
EVERCOSS: U50A, U50A Plus, U50C
FERO: A4501, A4502, Pace 2, V501
HAIER: A41, A6, Aire 3G, E13, G32, P10, P11, T51, T53P
HISENSE: C30 Lite, E7, E77, F10, F18, F22, F22M, F23, F24, L695, M20T, M30T,
U965 4G, U989
HOMTOM: S99, Zoji Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9
iDROID: Royal V7
INFINIX: X5514 Smart 2 Pro, X5515/X5515F/I Smart 2, X606/X606B/X606D Hot 6,
X608 Hot 6 Pro, X609 Smart 2 HD, X622 Hot S3X, X623 Hot 6X
INFOCUS: IF9007, IF9021, M330, M350
IRBIS: SP401, SP453, SP511, SP517, SP521, SP552, SP571
ITEL: A15, A22, A22 Pro, A31 Plus, A45, A62, IT1460, P31, P32, S13, S32 LTE, S33
IVOOMI: I1, I1s, I2, I2 Lite, Innelo1, Me1, Me2, Me3, Me3s, Me4, Me5, Z1
KARBON: K9 Music 4G, K9 Viraat 4G
LAVA: Iris 88 Go, Iris 88 Lite, R3, Z60G, Z60S, Z60T, Z61, Z61 2GB, Z91W
LEAGOO: Lead 1, 2, 2S, 3, 4, 5, 6, M9 Pro, M11, Power 2, S9, T8s, Z5 LTE-37
LENOVO: A5, A5s, K5 Note, K5 Play, K52a48, K5s, K9, K520 (S5), S5 Pro, Z5, Z5 Pro
LYF: F220B, F300B
MDC: Nova, Nova Pro, Optima, Optima S5734M
MEITU: 2, M6, M6S, M8, T8, V4
MEIZU: 15-M1881, 15 Lite-M1871, 16-M1882, 16 Pro-M1892, 16X-M1872, M8C-M1810,
Note 8-M1822
MICROMAX: Q4151, Q4204, V407, V409, YU5014 Ace
MOBICEL: Berry, Dandy, Fever, Pure+, Pure Mini, R1, R2, Switch, Zen
MOBIISTAR: C1, C1 Lite, C2, CQ, E Selfie, E1 Selfie, Prime X, X1 Dual, X1 Selfie,
XQ Dual, Zumbo J2, Zumbo S, Zumbo S Lite, Zumbo S2
MOTOROLA: XT1920-X, XT1921-X, XT1922-X, XT1924-X, XT1925-X, XT1926-X, XT1929-X,
XT1941-X, XT-1943-1, XT1944-X
Sahara Added for: AHannah, Aljeter, Chef, Deen, Evert, Messi, Montana, Nash,
Nora, Payton, Perry, Pettyl, RHannah, RJames, Robusta, Sanders
MOVIC: Models Added.
MYPHONE: Models Added.
NOKIA: 2.1, 3.1, 3.1 Plus, 5.1 Plus, 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1, 8 Sirocco, X5, X6, X7
ONEPLUS: 6 Enchilada, 6T Fajita
OPPO: A1, A1t, A3, A7x, A31, A57, A59st, A59t, A71, A73t, A79, A79k, A79kt,
A79t, A83, A83t, A85, A85t, F3, F5, F7, F9, R9
OUKITEL: C9, K7, OK6000 Plus, U18
PANASONIC: Eluga i7, Eluga Ray 530, Eluga Ray 550, Eluga Ray 600, P85 Nxt
PHILIPS: E266W, Q858, S307, S310X, S329, S359, S369
POLAROID: Models Added.
PRESTIGIO: PMT5771, PMT5791, PMT7781, PSP5521, PSP5522, PSP5523, PSP5553
QIKU: N4, N4S, 8681 Q Luna Youth
SHARP: Aquos M1, Aquos S2 High, Aquos S3, Aquos S3 High, Aquos S3 Mini, Z3
SYMPHONY: G100, i75, i95, i120, V44, V70, V78, V85, V92, V135
TECNO: B1P, C9 Pro, C9S, CF7, CF7K, CF8, DP10A, F2, F2 LTE, F4, F4 Pro, F5, IA5,
ID3K, ID5A, ID5B, ID6, IN1, IN1 Pro, KA6, KA7O, LA7 Pro, N6, P904, R6S, R8O,
R8S, RA6, RA6S, S6S, SA1, SA6S, W3 Pro, WX3 LTE, WX4 Pro
ULEFONE: Armor5, Power5S, S1, X
UMIDIGI: A3, C1, One, One Pro, X3, Z2 Pro, Z2 SE, Zero
VERNEE: T3 Pro, V2 Pro
VERTEX: Impress Eagle 4G, Calypso, Pear
VIVO: 1606, 1805 NexS, 1806 NexA, V9 6GB, V11 Pro, X6+, X6A, X6D, Y75S, Y81,
Y81i, Y83, Y85, Y89, Y91, Y93, Y95, Z1
WE: Models Added.
WIKO: C200, C201 (Tommy3), C300 (View Lite), K200 (Sunny3 Plus), K300 (Jerry3),
K400 (Lenny5), K600 (Tommy3), P130 (View Go), P200 (View Max), V3921 (Robby2)
XBO: Models Added.
XIAOMI: Mi 6X Wayne, Mi 8 Lite Platina, Mi A2 Jasmine, Mi A2 Lite Daisy,
Mi Max3 Nitrogen, Mi Mix3 Perseus, Mi Pad4 Clover, Redmi Note5 Pro Whyred,
Redmi Note6 Pro Tulip
XOLO: Era 1X Pro, Era 2X
ZOPO: Color E1, Flash X1, Flash X1i, Flash X2, Flash X2i, Flash X3
ZTE: BV0730, N9560
30 Kas 2010

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for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
v Patch a3 (Candidate to v
Revised MTK Protocol:
Added External Signature Support (.sig files) used by Oppo and other new Models
Added Detection of Tampered Files by 3rd party tools.
Added [nCHKS] Option, Untick it if need Download Checksum Verification.
Added new SoC MT6779
Attempt Write to DL Protected Partitions will not cause Fatal Error & Shutdown.

Added / Modified Models (Is Delta against Previous Releaes):

ALLCALL: Atom, Heat 3, Hot 2, Hot2 Pro, Hot 2X, Infinity, Madrid, Mix 2, Rio,
Rio S, S1, U1
ALCATEL: 5009 (1C)
ALLDOCUBE: FreerX9, iPlay8, iPlay10, M5, M5L, M5S, M5XS, M8, Power M3, X1
ALLVIEW: P4 Pro, P41 eMagic, P6 Energy Lite, P8 Life
ASUS: X00P-ZB556KL (ZenFone Max M1), X01AD-ZB632KL / ZB633KL (ZenFone Max M2),
X01BD-ZB630KL / ZB631KL (ZenFone Max Pro M2)
BLU: P0050WW (Pure View)
BQ: 4500, 4583, 4800, 5001L, 5003L, 5008L, 5012L, 5020, 5033, 5035, 5201, 5202,
5204, 5209L, 5211, 5500L, 5504, 5508L, 5512L, 5521, 5525, 5594, 6200L, 8041L
CHERRY: Flare J2, Flare J2 2018
CHUWI: Hi9, Hi9 Air, Hi9 Plus, Hi9 Pro
CONQUEST: S6, S8, S9, S10, S11
CUBOT: S550 Pro
DEXP: A150, AL140, B355, BL150, BS155, G253, G255, G355, GL355, L170, L180,
M110, S110, S290, Y5, Z355, Z455
ENERGIZER: E500, E500S, E520, H240S, H500S, H550S, P490, P490S, P550S, P600S,
S500, S500E
GIONEE: S9L, S10BL, S10L, SW17W08
HOMTOM: C2, Zoji Z11, Zoji Z33
INFOCUS: IF9003 (Snap 4)
iLA: D1, S1, Silk, X
ITEL: A43, A52, A52B, A52s Lite, P13, P13 Plus, S11 Pro, S11XB, W5003
KARBONN: K9 Smart Grand
LEAGOO: Power 2 Pro, Z9
LENOVO: L38041(K5 Pro), L78071(Z5s)
MEIZU: E3, M1E, M3, M3S, M5, M5 Note, M6, M6T, Pro7 Plus, U10, U20
MICROMAX: N8216 Infinity N11, N8301 Infinity N12
MOBIISTAR: C1 Shine, Prime X Plus
MYPHONE: MyX2, R51, R52, R7
NEFFOS (TP-LINK): C5, C5 Max, C5A, C5L, C5S, C7, C7A, C9, C9A, N1, P1, X1,
X1 Lite, X1 Max, X9, Y5, Y50, Y5L, Y5S
NOMU: M6S, S10, S10 Pro, S20, S30, S30 Mini, T18
OUKITEL: C12 Pro, K7 Power, WP2
POPTEL: P8, P10, P60, P9000 Max
STARMOBILE: Knight Luxe/Vision/X, Play Lite, Sky Turbo, UP Groove, UP HD, UP Max,
UP Mini, UP Neo, UP Prime, UP Selfie, UP Sense, UP Ultra, UP Vision, UP Xtreme
S-TELL: M457, M477, M510, M511, M555, M556, M557, M572, M573, M575, M578, M579,
M615, M620, M630, M650, M707, M920, P450, P750, P770, P771, P780, P790, P850
SYMPHONY: Helio S5, V48, V155
TECNO: B2(Pop 2 Pro), S1S Pro, KB2(Camon iAce 2), KB2J(Camon iAce 2X)
ULEFONE: Armor 3, Armor 3T
UMIDIGI: A3 Pro, One Max
VERTEX: Impress: Aero, Baccara, Bear, Blade, Click, Eclipse, Energy, Flash,
Frost, Funk, Game, Phonic, Mars, Reef, Spring, Tiger, Wolf, Zeon 3G
VIVO: 1815, 1816, V11, V11i, Y75A, Y81i
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