1. guveniletisim047

    ATF Update 8.10 Full Setup

    1 ATF_v8.00_Full_Installer.rar 2. Download & Replace [URL]http://www.filesin.com/2CF0197505/41D8CD98F02CF0197505/ATF-8.10.rar.html
  2. kızılötesi

    Z3X LG Update

    LG 2-3G Tool v2.4 build 009E Added Update Manager - for very fast update hints, patch, unlock base, etc... Added KU9100 unlock for KU910905 version Added SH150A unlock for SW15A707 version Added KU6000 unlock for KU600808 version Added SH130 unlock for SW130709 version Added SH410 unlock for...
  3. kızılötesi

    AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher güncellemeler ATF v7.80 Update

    ATF v7.80 Update Release Date: October 25, 2011 BB5 Major Functions Added: <<< All BB5 Flash Functions are now using the Newest Nokia Loaders >>> - Authorize Phone for RAPUYAMA v2.1 Phones via USB or FBUS (Nokia 500, 600, 603, 700, 701 etc...) ---> SD Repair ---> Stand Alone...
  4. Byaras™

    Z3X BOX LG Update. Xmas update

    LG Qualcomm Tool 2.1.1X-Mas Update part1: Phones: Added BL20 fast direct unlock Added BL20E fast direct unlock Added BL20V fast direct unlock Added BL42K fast direct unlock Added GU280 fast direct unlock Added GU280F fast direct unlock Added GU282 fast direct unlock Added GU285 fast direct...
  5. O

    25-11-2010 : Infinity Nokia BEST Dongle Update Standalone SL1 + SL2 Unlock + more

    BEST Ver. 1.10.1 Released today Whats New : - USB flashing improved Updated flashloaders Improoved RAPUYAMA/Rap3gV4/Broadcomm flashing Improoved N96 flashing Improoved S60 RAPIDO flashing Improoved old S40 boot/flashing Improoved S40 dead mode cntent writing especialy for old models Improoved...
  6. Byaras™

    P-KEY update

    Starting Card UPDATE... ..... 14:34:07.187 Error: JAF dongle init failed.? No tention brother. İNDİR
  7. U

    WARNING! Update your Pkey to increase life counter!

    jaf hata veriyor (Changing mode...WARNING! Update your Pkey to increase life counter!) resetleme kodunu giriyorum (16777215)ama olmuyor yinede ???Starting Card UPDATE... 14:39:27.062 [ERROR] Could not connect to server. Please make sure you have internet connection and firewall is not blocking acces
  8. Byaras™

    setool eski exede update yok

    setool eski kurulumu uptate yok.. BURDAN İNDİR